Want to learn something new every day, feel a bit better every morning, do a given exercise, and more?

Let us help you! We have found that people (almost always) check their emails. By providing you with a daily email, we can send you a happy message to brighten your day, provide a recipe, give you an exercise (and in turn an incentive) to work out, or provide you with an interesting article you have never knew before, and more!

Even better, we will use your feedback to provide improved articles more specific to you!

No need for apps, accessing a webpage, or even a cell phone.

Just select from one of the interests we currently provide emails for:

  • Happiness
  • Learning
  • Cooking
  • Health
  • Writing Challenge
  • Programming Challenge

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and once you accept you’ll receive a daily email on the subject(s) of choice. If you ever get sick of us, either let us know (and we will improve our service) or just click “unsubscribe”, no mess.

We don’t give out any of your information, and in fact, will give you all of ours (so you could punish us if you would like). We hope to be sending you interesting information soon!

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