Welcome! This is Lettergram.net, a simple website devised to allow those who need to cram for a test, learn something for an online class, are curious about some interesting piece of information, or someone with a lackluster teacher. With the aid of several years of math, physics, and computer studies already behind me (and several more ahead) I hope to create a friendly video and study guide collection that will both help myself and others understand the world we live in in a simpler manner than most text books and teachers do on this subject (as well as most websites). Aided with metaphors, video recording software, and a website I hope to bring to you a fun and quick way to learn the in-depth concepts related to today’s world.

What you should expect from me:

  • First and foremost this is a side project I do for fun, if anyone wishes to help I am open to suggestions/aid, but this is not a full time job for me.
  • Less than ten minute videos covering a specific topic related to any subject posted and easy to understand.
  • Study Guides for all related videos, both viewable on the web as well as downloadable.
  • Reasonable response time to questions, concerns, or help related comments.
  • To relate any informational content in the simplest manner possible.
  • An easy to navigate user interface.
In the pipeline:
  • By January 1st 2012 a completed University Physics guide for Mechanics (Requires Energy)
  • By August 2013 a completed notes section for the basic MCB 150 course at UIUC
  • Anki note cards for Organic Chemistry I, Inorganic Chemistry, MCB 250 at UIUC
  • Complete University Physics guides for Electromagnetism/Thermodynamics (Extended)
  • Complete Introduction into Modern Physics (Extended)

What I expect from you:

  • Be kind to those who ask questions.
  • Meet me half way (I cannot force knowledge down your throat, you have to want to learn).
  • This is a guide, not a course – remember videos and study guides here are just guides, not a course. All subject matter on this website will likely not be enough to get a 100% on a test; my goal is to simply allow those with sub-par teachers, a mind that wanders in class, or those who just cannot manage to wrap their heads around some specific concepts to pass their classes with a decent grade.
Best of luck!


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