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The goal of Lettergram.net is to provide the best AI curated news available on the web.

At Metacortex, our goal is to build an API for human knowledge. Lettergram.net, is one application that can sit on top our API. Some other examples are: hnprofile.com and projectpiglet.com.

If interested, we provide services to companies - visit Metacortex to request a demo.

We achieve this by categorizing experts online and analyzing their discussions through data mining, sentiment analysis, and more generally machine learning. We call our analysis output ExpertRank, paying homage to PageRank.

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We have years of experience working on high priority problems at Fortune 100 companies as full stack engineers and data scientists. We often wrangling large amounts of data with the latest technology.


Austin Walters
Founder - CEO

Expertise in signal processing, big data applications and product development


Vincent Chang
Design Consultant

Experienced designer, with experience in UI/UX design


Alvin Hua
Software Consultant

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area with expertise in application development and system architecture